Posted by: kidnothing | November 24, 2016

Vegan Thanksgiving! What I Ate

Happy Early Thanksgiving to anyone who sees this! Bae sadly has work tomorrow so we decided to do Thanksgiving dinner a day early, so I spent all day today in the kitchen, with a bit of help from him 🙂

Y’all. I have been DREAMING of a vegan Thanksgiving since I was a sophomore in high school. My family was always staunchly anti-vegetarian(which to this day I still don’t understand anti-vegetarian sentiment in general tbh) and never even attempted to accommodate at least one dish to my needs, especially after I went vegan in high school. I actually looked forward to having to work on Thanksgiving day because it meant I could buy a vegan Amy’s Kitchen meal and eat that when I got home instead of having to be mocked and asked a million questions and have people tempting me to eat stuff I didn’t want to eat. I’m sure if you’re a vegan reading this you know the deal.

And now that I’m an adult with my own income and place to live, I finally got to do this. LOOK AT IT I’M SO PROUD OH GOD


So, to sum up what bae and I had for our first ever #VeganThanksgiving:

+Gardein Savory Stuffed Turk’y with Gravy
+Earth Balance White “Cheddar” Mac and Cheese(with lots of Earth Balance butter and Califia Unsweetened Almond Milk)
+Whole Foods Multigrain Stuffing that I made with vegetable broth instead of water
+Homemade Garlic Mashed Potatoes(also with lots of Earth Balance butter and Califia Unsweetened Almond Milk)
+Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts(my boyfriend actually made these all on his own! SO GOOD)
+Canned Corn with Earth Balance butter, salt, and LOTS of pepper(I know I know, too simple, but it’s one of my favorite ways to eat veggies, no shame in my game!)
+Crescent rolls with Pumpkin Butter and Pecans

Man, y’all. It’s so good. I was so stuffed by the halfway point of this plate. But of course, that means plenty of leftovers for tomorrow 😉 And of course, since we all know desserts go into a different stomach, check this out!


That, my friends, is a pumpkin pie slice and a sweet potato slice(bottom and top slices respectively if you’re curious), made MOSTLY from scratch(minus the VERY breakable pie crust and the purees), topped with So Delicious brand Coconut Whipped Topping.

All in all, everything was delicious, I’m stuffed to the brim, I’ve got a nice glass of So Delicious Coconut Milk Nog, and I’m gearing up to see if I have enough cash leftover to sponsor a turkey. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone except Christopher Columbus and I hope y’all have a great one!

and for those curious, I will have reviews of all the non-homemade items up as soon as i can 😉

keep it vegan,


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