Posted by: kidnothing | November 16, 2016

Welcome Back, Me!

Six fucking years!

i was not vegan for a good portion of that. i stopped being vegan right before 2012. i actually went back to eating animal products entirely. i went through a really shitty breakup, and nobody but him ever supported my veganism irl(and tbh he didn’t support it a whole lot either). i felt completely defeated in a lot of ways and went back on a lot of my morals to fit into an unsafe environment, not solely because of the veganism. it was a lot of things. but i’ve finally been out on my own for a bit and feel safe being myself again, including returning to a vegan lifestyle and outreach.

i’m going to try to get back into posting recipes and maybe even add some product reviews in there. idk how much preaching i’ll do on here though. i know there will be some discussion on animal rights(and i also hope to intersect with marginalized groups, but i need to find a way to do so without being problematic – to any vegans who read this, comparing factory farming to slavery or the Holocaust may seem logical to you, but it’s actually really offensive, please look into why! you are not doing anyone any favors with that kind of rhetoric!), but i’m much older than i was and i’ve realized that maybe screaming at people isn’t the best way to get my point across.

sometimes, anyways.

but yeah, in the last six years the vegan world has gotten so much more mainstream and so many new and interesting things have been made, and i can’t wait to try it all!


keep it vegan,


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