Posted by: kidnothing | November 1, 2010

new recipe + six-part series to come!

so, i think i may have a new favorite recipe: Baked Barbeque Tofu!

serves four, or two really hungry people
+one block firm tofu, drained and pressed
+one cup of your favorite bbq sauce(i have two that my dad made, brown sugar and mesquite… mixed them and it was heaven in my mouth :)) (eventually, i may put one of these recipes up!)
+a roll or two slices of bread
+condiments of your choice(i stuck with a simple dill relish)

preheat your oven to 325. cut the tofu into 8 “cutlets” after it’s been drained and pressed. line a baking pan with aluminum foil and cover the bottom with about half of your bbq sauce. put the tofu in the pan and cover it completely with the rest of the bbq sauce. bake for about an hour.
when it’s done, take a roll or two slices of bread. take two of the tofu pieces and put them on the bread. top with your choice of condiments, then chow down!

what i’ll be working on next is a six-part series, in a bigger series of vegan cooking things and stuff. basically, i want anyone who reads this blog to get down some vegan cooking basics down. vegan food is so often falsely labeled as “rabbit food” or “sticks and leaves,” and i’ve been surprised to meet many vegans and vegetarians over the past few days whose food actually fits this stereotype! it may be unfair that we, as vegans, should be expected to improve our cooking(even if we don’t want to) just so that people don’t think the above of vegan food(and write off veganism as impossible as a result), but it is our duty as animal rights advocates to promote veganism in the best light possible. therefore, over the next few months, my writing will be dedicated to helping other vegans learn how to cook.
my first lesson will be about vegan flavorings, and it will be a six-part series, so keep your eyes peeled for that!





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