Posted by: kidnothing | June 25, 2010

Pride, Michael Jackson, and video blogging.

so, i was GOING to get my car inspected today, but i had the wrong(expired) insurance. oops. and i don’t know where the other one is… NO BUENO D: so i’m going to have to find that & do it tomorrow.

other than that, the highlight of my day has been watching Michael Jackson music videos on fuse, & waiting for Ray William Johnson’s new =3 video. i love him!(Michael too, but especially Ray) i want to start a video blog, but i need a new camera first. & since the only part of my camera that’s broken is the video function, that’ll be a while. :/ still, i want to do it at some  point.

in other news, i’m going to my very first pride parade saturday! i’m going with my bestie & her gay friend. it’s going to be a shitload of fun, & i hope to get a lot of pictures.

that’s all for today!
keep it vegan,


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