Posted by: kidnothing | June 10, 2010

Tips for transitioning!

every day, i seem to get more & more readers.
i don’t know how many of you anonymous readers are vegans, but for those of you who aren’t, i’m guessing you’re reading because you’re interested in the vegan diet(or i bugged you to read, ahaha!)

anyways, i’d like anyone reading this to give veganism a trial run. and to help you along, i have some tips that made transitioning to veganism easier for me.

+first off, veganism isn’t JUST avoiding dairy, eggs, and meat. there are hidden animal products in many products, from food to makeup to hairspray. this link has some more common “hidden” animal ingredients. you should familiarize yourself with these and a few others to avoid accidentally consuming any animal products!

+veganism isn’t all reading ingredient labels and being sad when there’s whey or red 4 in something! more and more, animal-free products are appearing in supermarkets all over the country! My local Kroger has an organic/healthy living section that sells vegan meats(chorizo, sausage, chicken, kielbasa, bologna etc.), cheeses, mayonnaise(s! more than one brand!), ice cream, milks, even yogurt! not to mention that they also have veganized baked goods like waffles, breads, bagels, even doughnuts! i mean, even my local WALMART has some Boca-brand products and vegan ice cream.

+while there are MANY vegan “faux” products to choose from, you might only like one. for instance, i can’t STAND lightlife brand vegan turkey, but tofurky brand is a different taste that i much prefer. shop around and see what you like best! it may take a while.

+it’s nice to use fakes to transition into veganism, but eating too much of them really isn’t healthy. make sure your diet is centered around plants(fruits, veggies, whole wheat, legumes) and not around fakes.

+with that last point said, there are many products that are “accidentally” animal-free! as much as i dislike PETA, this is a list of commercial products(stuff you might already have in your pantry) that are vegan! it definitely makes things easier when you realize you don’t have to trash your whole pantry, right?

+if you enjoy cooking, you should try googling a vegan version of a non-vegan dish you love! i can tell you from experience, it is VERY empowering making a specific dish out of different ingredients. however, i do have to say that not all recipes taste like their non-vegan counterparts, but they do typically have the same “feel”(creaminess, spiciness, fried breading, etc.) to help ease cravings. which leads me to my next point,

+CRAVINGS. some people never get cravings for non-vegan food, some crave from day one. IT DOES GO AWAY. i promise. in the meantime, i often found that when i would crave something, it wasn’t the food itself, but a specific aspect of it. if i wanted chicken, it was often that i wanted something lemony-tasting or chewy, which i could tide over with a bit of pan-fried tofu marinated in lemon juice + other things. or when i wanted cheese, i was actually craving the high fat content, which was easily remedied with an avacado(also provides “creaminess” that i missed from cheese).

this is what i can think of off the top of my head. suggestions? questions? comments? voice them below. 🙂

keep it vegan,



  1. good stuff. i’ve been eating vegan for a few months, and although i sometimes got cravings for meat (but now that i think about what meat is, it’s no longer appetizing to me) i now get cravings for vegetables! you just have to hang in there.


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