Posted by: kidnothing | June 8, 2010


i feel poopy. 😦 and it’s raining! i wanted to go jogging, argh!
oh well, i got stuff to do today.
[x]health store(DAIYA(was out! JKASDHAJSH), ESSENTIAL OIL, POSSIBLY NETI POT?(not selling them))
[x]drop off camera to get a disc of pictures

OMFG it’s raining really hard! gah!
man, nobody knows how to drive. there were like two wrecks, pig cars were everywhere, and when i was trying to pull out of the strip center by the road i needed to be on instead of the intersection, i almost got hit three times. I HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY YOU MORONS, NOT YOU! ugh.
and i’m really bummed that the daiya vegan cheese was out. the woman there said they MIGHT get more on thursday, so fingers crossed.
also, i saw my old computer teacher. she’s the coolest πŸ™‚

i swear, at some point i’m going to make a big vegan/eco-friendly/healthy post. i’ll probably make a food pic post after i get my pictures off my camera.

keep it vegan,



  1. Dude!! It’s raining here like crazy too!!! (but I’m an insider, so no worries. Ha ha) Actually, I want to see the sun!!! (Do you leave a link to your blog on peta2? That’s a good way to make people come to your blog!)

    Hmm…this is my thing, but keep your blog positive (I understand that it’s a good outlet to just complain on it) and fill it with information on how to go vegan! (you’re like one of the most helpful person on peta2’s board, so you should give those people tips on how to be vegan) It really helped me when I found Mikfizzle’s blog, which was filled with fun, positive thoughts with LOTS of vegan goodies on it! (food just makes it more attractive, ha ha)

    I’m looking forward to your post! πŸ˜€ (btw, where do you live? Where else is it raining other than this state?)

    • i actually am no longer a part of the street team. i have serious issues with them, especially after they banned me.
      & yeah, for the most part i do keep it positive, i just needed to say something xD
      i live in TX!
      & i’m going to be posting my vegan goodies soon, keep an eye peeled πŸ™‚

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