Posted by: kidnothing | June 7, 2010


i have so much to do! i’ll make a list. priority-based.

[x]go to bank
[x]thank-you letters


breakfast: clif bar with 12oz. v8 (310 cal, 13g protein, 8g fiber, 58g carbs, 5g fat)
snack 1: apple chunks with grapes (40 cal, 0g protein, 1g fiber, 10g carbs, 0g fat)
lunch: Ezekiel english muffin with Lightlife ground “sausage” & Tofutti american slice(316 cal, 18g protein, 9g fiber, 38g carbs, 9g fat)
snack 2: 2tbsp “cheesy” dip with triscuits(205 cal, 6g protein, 4.2g fiber, 25g carbs, 9.3g fat)
dinner: gardein chik’n filets with vegenaise/mustard dip and brown rice(287 cal, 22g protein, 3.3g fiber, 23g carbs, 12g fat)

water: [x][x][x][x][x][]
veggies: [x][x][x][][]

keep it vegan,


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