Posted by: kidnothing | December 15, 2009

my first blog :)

hi everyone! -waves to the internet- my name’s Dia. i’m a vegan. yep, i’m on of those “crazy” no-animal-products people.

so, you’d think i’d be like stick-thin & a glowing portrait of health, right? eeeehhhh. not so much. i’m really overweight, i still have cholesterol issues from my non-vegan days, & my blood pressure is all fucked up, which is pretty much the opposite of healthy. it’s only been made worse by the fact that oreos are vegan & amy’s frozen food has so much effing sodium.

so, i’ve decided to change my diet. my basic principles are as follows:
-no animal products of any kind(not even honey, ya lazy beeastards)
-only natural sugars from fruits, or on occasion raw sugar, agave nectar, or brown rice syrup
-wayyyy less sodium. try to buy things low-sodium, & flavor with herbs & spices, or sea salt
-eat whole grains instead of refined carbs
-eat WAY more fruits & veggies
-drink more water

today, i went shopping for some healthy stuff. alot of what i bought was in the bulk/healthy living section, & since i work at the store i shop at, i know most of the people, including the ladies in the healthy living section. i told one of them i was going from vegetarian to vegan, & she told me about how she’s been vegetarian for most of her life, & then gave me three free liquid vegan multivitamin thingies. but yeah, i got a lot of good stuff. in fact, i just finished an organic rice cake with peanut butter that has flaxseed oil smeared on top. yummy yummy :3

today has been a good day. the only bad thing was, i had white rice at lunch. noooo buenoooo. but i will continue to work towards good health.

until tomorrow,



  1. Erm, little msss Dia.
    I did it AGAIN!
    I ate like shit again today. Why is it, that you tell yourself you’re not going to let it happen again and then it does? >.<

    Your vegan sexy beast.

    • i don’t know why that is, dearie. 😦

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